Berbera is a historical town in Gulf of Aden and it is one of the oldest towns in Somaliland. It passed through Osmanic Empire of Turkey and historical remains can be found in Berbera at the present time.

The port foundation is traced back more than hundred years, and the current p[lace was established in 1968 linear wharf 300 meters by Soviet Union, and expanded 350 meters linear wharf in 1984 by United States of America, since then the port has developed numerous properties as well as constructions.

The Port task hasn’t changed over the years but its scope of services has expanded considerably. The port contributed significantly in the development of Somaliland community.

The Berbera Port owned and operated by the Republic of Somaliland; it is the largest employer, generating more than 2000 jobs and is the economic engine of the country. The port has a constant interaction between private and public sectors.


The Berbera sea Port is located on the south Coast of the Gulf of Aden at the Coordinate 10.26 degrees North and 45/1 Degrees East and is Approximately 250KM East of Djibouti. Ships from the red Sea approach Berbera towards the Southeast and those from the Gulf States turn Southwest.

Its location makes Hub for Africa for goods in transit to Ethiopia, Somaliland and Other parts of horn of Africa.

Berbera has two anchorages. The outer anchorages are 5 to 10 Cables from main lighthouse and it has a good turning circles. There is also an inner anchorage. There is a 650-Meter-Long linear wharf

Which has five (5) Liner Berth and one (1) Ro.Ro Berth. There Separate Jetties for Fuel Import or Ships bunker and for Fishing Pleasure Craft. Wind Direction is generally Southward From 220 degrees

At approximately 20 knots during the Moring hours and northward from 330 degrees at 13 Knots during the evening hours.

There are Very Slight monthly variations except during the monsoon period which occurs in July, August. each year.

Berbera Port facilities encompass more than 600 meters with Terminals for containers, general cargo office building and other properties.

The port also provides to its customers the following facilities.

  • Navigation aids
  • Communication stand by 24 hours’ radio operator on channel 16 and AIS
  • Sufficient number of pilot are available around clock.
  • Police and Port Security on internal and Perimeter, and gangway watch posted around the clock.
  • Trained Firefighting Crew equipped with portable pumps, water pumping Station with pipeline network is available to prevent fire. reach Stacker, tractor heads and trailers are available.
  • Mobile cranes, Forklift, reach stacker, tractor heads and trailers are available.
  • Fresh water Supply
  • Fuel Supplied by mobile tanker from oil terminal.
  • Port Workshop available for minor repairs to vessel and equipment.



Berber Port has considerable potential, but whether that is fully realized will depends on whether those in a position to affect change have the vision and drive to carry thinks forward.

Economic Activity across the region is undergoing a tremendous period of realignment, with major. Investors tending to view things in regional rather than a national context. Whilst Somaliland’s current Status may discourage some investors, for others they can see a real opportunity for Somaliland to emulate at Berbera the success of regional ports, many of which are free trade Zones.

Rather than merely looking at Berbera as a trade entry and exit point, it needs to be viewed as a regional hub, one that is a magnet for investment and a key Centre for employment and capacity development. if a Berbera Free trade and industrial Zone where to be created it would be essential that it offered incentives comparable with Similar Zone across the region.