Livestock is currently the leading value Chain in Somaliland. Livestock production account for 60% of the country’s Gros Domestic Product (GDP) Among pastoralist, especially those classified as poor 70% of income is derived from the sale of Livestock and 30% of food comes from livestock as a result, this is a tremendously Important sector for Somaliland and for all of Somalis region’s Economy. Exports of live animals to the Gulf States especially to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates Oman and Yemen Represent by far the biggest share of the country foreign earrings. Some of nearly a million goats and sheep wait at the Berbera port in Somaliland, before being shipped to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj


General Trade Sector.

Principal Import of Somaliland including food, Petroleum product, Building Materials, Cement Machinery and equipment, Consumer goods, Pharmaceuticals and tobacco products, major trading partners for Imports are Ethiopia , Kenya United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Italy Thailand Brazil the Netherlands United Kingdom , Japan South Korea, Turkey Malaysia and France.